The Use Of Technology In Schools

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In recent years, the use of technology in schools has become a debate in many school districts around the world. This debate could definitely go either way, and both sides have very good reasons to support their claim. Schools should allow technology for three key reasons: the first reason is that technology could be used to educate students if used appropriately. The second reason is because people can use them to contact the police, or family in the case of an emergency. The final reason why technology should be used in the classroom is because it can help students to communicate and exchange thoughts and ideas and develop their social skills.
The first reason why technology should be accepted in schools is because teachers could use it to help educate students. A quote from the article by Dian Schaffhauser on technology.aspx states "Especially when equipped with a feature of personalization, computer-assisted learning can be quite effective in helping students learn, particularly with math," This quote shows that studets who were exposed to technology are educated in new ways and helped to improve their learning skills. Teachers are starting to use cell phones in their curriculum to make lessons more efficient and more accessible. “Giving students the choice of different ways to learn means they’ll likely explore and try different techniques, and in the end, learn the best strategies for themselves as

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