The Use of Deadly Force by Police Officers Essay

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The use of deadly force by police officers is a very important subject in today’s society. Many consider the use of deadly force excessive in most cases. However, there are many aspects to look at when considering this topic, such as: Why was deadly force required? When did the officer feel it necessary to apply deadly force? What will be the implications for the officer after the fact? How does the use of deadly force affect society as a whole?
In order to get all of the answers to these questions, we must first define deadly force. According to the Legal Dictionary "Use of deadly force" is often granted to police forces when the person or persons in question are believed to be an immediate danger to people around them. For example, …show more content…

Garner,471 U.S. 1 (1985)).
Now that we have established what deadly force is and what the law states, let’s move on to the investigation that ensues after the fact. Let’s look into how the investigative process works for this type of incident and how the public views the use of deadly force. The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin outlines six investigative elements in a case of deadly force; The Investigators, The Crime Scene, The Involved Officers, The Civilian Witnesses, The Criminal Justice Authorities and The Media. All of these play a pivotal role in deciphering a particular case of deadly force. This process could take months or years to sort out. I will tell you about the steps of the process but keep in mind, that while the slow wheels of justice are turning, the officer is dealing with his emotions, his family’s response and most likely the public’s response due to the media coverage. Whatever the outcome, no doubt this will have an effect on the individual officer for the rest of their life. The Criminal Justice process involves the gathering of evidence by the proper authorities, witness testimonies, expert testimonies, psychological examinations, forensics reports,

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