The Uses Of Dn Dna Fingerprinting

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Jennifer Tran
Mr. Tucker
AP Biology
26 August 2015
The Uses of DNA: DNA Fingerprinting
Sir Alec Jeffreys’ 1984 discovery of DNA fingerprinting in England has revolutionized the criminal justice system by enabling legal entities to determine innocence or guilt of a suspect to a much higher level of accuracy(Butler). This discovery has also provided the ability to identify victims of natural disasters or catastrophes like 911(Lippincott). Additionally, DNA testing or profiling, has helped doctors and researchers to identify medical conditions and illnesses, determine pre-existing conditions and prevent them sometimes before they actually occur(Roewer). Also, DNA could be separated from different individuals in mixed stains like, when two or …show more content…

It has greatly made an impact on crime cases, especially in forensic investigations because it not only helped find suspects, but it also improves the accuracy of who the suspect is and up until now, DNA fingerprinting is still continuing to grow and flourish itself for greater use in the future.
Four years have passed since the discovery of DNA fingerprinting. During those four years people have learned that the four probes known to allow DNA fingerprinting in the human (M13, Jeffreys’ core sequence, the human α globin hypervariable region [HVR]) were checked for their ability to reveal “genetic barcodes” in animals(Georges et al.). Jeffreys’ core sequence, and the Per probe uses the four different probes(Lippincott). Depending on the particular probe-species combination, the fingerprints are polymorphic enough to be used efficiently in animal identification, paternity testing, and as a source of genetic markers for linkage analysis(Butler). These markers should substantially accelerate the mapping of genes affecting economically important traits(Roewer). If this revealed “genetic barcodes” in animals then the same could also be done for humans and it could possibly help out with the Human Genome Project that was started in 1990(Friedland). James D. Watson constructed the Human Genome Project was for further biological study to discover all the estimated 20,000-25,000 human genes to make it accessible(Friedland).

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