The Uss Greer And The Coming Of World War II

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The USS Greer was the first US Navy ship to fire on a German ship, three months before the United States officially entered World War II on September 4, 1941. The incident was taken place during the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The ship was approximately 125 miles southwest of Reykjavik, Iceland, it was carrying mail to the U.S. Marines stationed in Iceland. It was named after Rear Admiral James A. Greer, a Civil War veteran and commander of the European Squadron from 1887 to 1889. The Greer incident occurred because it was a case of mistaken evidence that was not reported just told by President Roosevelt at numerous press conferences without giving the American people full facts. As the Greer made its way through the North …show more content…

Which in my opinion made the Germans put their guard up and become defensive. So when the Germans saw the US they had the same intentions to shoot "on sight". Like the quote said, "You better get them before they get you."
The Gallup Poll, Released March 21, 1941 (source 1). Was the second event leading up to the USS Greer incident, this interview date was on March 9-14, 1941, asking if the United States entering the war against Germany and Italy how would you vote? 17 percent of the votes were to "go in" and the other 83 percent were to "stay out" of the war. It also said that majority of the southern states voted for war, and the west-central states were opposed to it. I believe this is next because the percentages seem to me fairly opposite because a war was just thrown upon them with little to no warning. Roosevelt was The Gallup Poll, Released April 23, 1941(source 2). Was the third event to occur forwarding to the USS Greer, this the interview date was April 10-15, 1941, asking if the United States navy is used to guard ships carrying war materials to Britain? 41 percent answered yes, 50 percent answered no, and 9 percent had no opinion. I believe this is the next event due to the fact that the question is related to the kind of materials the ship is carrying the transactions of it. The Gallup Poll, Released May 16, 1941(source 3). Was the fourth event to occur the interview date was May 8-13, 1941, asking the same question as the source

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