The Vaccine War: Media Theory Essay

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After watching The Vaccine War, the main concerns of vaccines are public safety, the aftermath of injecting harmful chemicals into ones’ body and the parents that choose not to vaccinate their children. In the beginning of the documentary, a mother, Jennifer Margulis, states she felt like it was not needed for her newborn child to be vaccinated for a sexual transmitted disease. She feels like the ingredients are scary for a young child to take in with an immature immune system. The other issue is a massive outbreak of disease that could have been prevented. The Center of Disease Control is carefully watching the town that Ms. Margulis lives, Ashland, Oregon, because it’s the least vaccinated places in America due to parents …show more content…

This explains the theory of why parents choose the non-vaccinated route for their children’s lives and explains it why it’s a social issue and not just a personal choice. The relevant theory of why parents are not vaccinating their children would be cognitive dissonance. The parents choose not to vaccinate their children due to other cases that may or may not have been linked to autism. Once the immunization has been given, it doesn’t mean that the child is unable to get it. The disease could be dormant and the immune system hasn’t picked up on it. You can still possibly contract anything contagious even with the shot, so why expose a child with a fragile immune system to massive dose of chemicals. Parents also have some doctors that are behind them. Dr. Ira Goodman stated in a an email said he doesn’t support it because “They simply don’t work.” (Shane Ellison, MS,, Herd Immunity: Three Reasons Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Children… And Why Vaccine Supporters Shouldn’t Care That I Use Vaccine Exemption Forms). The idea of injecting toxins into children, which aren’t even allowed in treatment, is downright outrageous. The parents who choose to vaccinate their children didn’t fall into the minority that questioned it; they went with what were the facts. While the minority decided to find new information and started believing that their child will not endure the side effects of the vaccines

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