The Value Of Life

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What is it about human life that makes it valuable? Some people believe that life is valuable even before birth. Before we are given a name or our gender has been identified, we are valued. As children, we are taught that we are valuable and that life is valuable. However, what makes human life valuable? The answer to this question may come from an analysis of the lives of two people; a fictional character and a real life person, and a comparison to my own personal belief about the value of life. Human life is valuable because of our capacity to learn and grow. From our mistakes to our strengths, we are all valuable.
Roger Ebert was a popular film critic who tragically died from thyroid cancer in 2013. Before he passed, he revealed to the public that he had been diagnosed with cancer and had undergone several surgeries. The article, “The Essential Man,” by Chris Jones, reveals Ebert’s reasons for valuing life. As Ebert faced cancer, he learned to value the things that often seem given. For instance, the ability to speak and laugh. Jones says, “The doctors told him they were going to give him back his ability to eat, drink, and talk. But the doctors were wrong, weren’t they? On some morning or afternoon or evening, sometime in 2006, Ebert took his last bite and sip, and he spoke his last word” (Jones 50). Ebert learned to appreciate the things we often take for granted. Unable to communicate through words, Ebert used his hands and wrote what he once was able to say. The

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