The Value Of Movies In Movies And Film Education

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“Your movies are shit”, said to me, the first-year, senior, film major at the best arts boarding school in country. I have tirelessly made film after film since the age of eight, eventually wanting to reach even higher with my film education. Having been given the privilege to actually study film in a classroom setting, I was ecstatic. After being told my whole life how talented I am, after getting into the best high school film program in the country, my ego was shattered when my stone-faced roommate didn’t even make eye contact while mumbling “Your movies just aren’t good.” I would consider myself literate. I’ve been through 1st grade being an avid reader along the way so my understanding of English is quite decent. Although the concept of being literate is not that simple. Take someone with a masters degree in English and drop them in some African village, their literacy will mean nothing. Literacy is based on surroundings. Though to be literate is not only to be proficient in reading and writing. One can be literate in math, science, history, art, or in my case… film.
My roommate was a year and a half younger than me and he had the nerve to tell me I was no good. It was the age difference that struck me. I was on such a high pedestal that I failed to notice his quite apparent talent. “Your movies are shit” was the best advice I could receive from someone like him at the time. I’ve never been told that before! Although due to my arrogance I took his comments with a grain

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