The Values Of The Heroic Code Of Beowulf

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Monsters reinforce the heroic code by challenging the values of the heroic code, they show the relationship against good and evil, and are a challenge for Beowulf. During the Anglo-Saxon age where good and evil clashed in battle, there was a brave hero named Beowulf who fought many battles and who led monsters to their doom. With fate and strength by his side nothing could stop him. There were two kingdoms in this story that were overcome by evil. The People tried to fight back but it was no match for such an evil. The attitudes and actions between various monsters and humans show that Beowulf is a story comprised of battles putting good against evil.
The evil Grendel is killing the people of Hrothgar, and the strength of their kingdom is not enough to stop him. “The monsters thoughts were as quick as his greed or his claws: he slipped through the door and there in the silence snatched up thirty men,” (Beowulf 34-35) Beowulf heard about this and being a good, glory seeking man, comes to the rescue. Beowulf was no match to Grendel on his own, Beowulf had good on his side and is the main reason why he beat Grendel “Like a man outlawed for wickedness, he must await the mighty judgement of God in majesty” (Beowulf 976-8). Grendel may be a demon from hell, but he is insignificant compared to the mighty power and goodness of God. Beowulf may be a battle between good and evil, but the two sides are not equal equal. This isn't a fight between God and the Devil; it's God

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