The Verbal Comprehension Index Measures Ee104’S Ability

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The Verbal Comprehension Index measures EE104’s ability to access and apply acquired word knowledge. This index is composed of the Similarities and Vocabulary subtests. EE104 was asked to describe how words were related and define various words. On the Verbal Comprehension Index, EE102 obtained a standard score of 81 which falls at the 10th percentile and within the low average range. The Visual Spatial Index measures EE104’s ability perceive, understand, and mentally manipulate shapes, diagrams, and visual arrays. It is composed of the Block Design and Visual Puzzles subtests. On the Visual Puzzle subtest, EE104 was asked to identify three pieces that would fit together to make up a given puzzle shape; EE104 followed the directions …show more content…

The Fluid Reasoning Index measures the EE104’s ability to think logically. This index is composed of the Matrix Reasoning and Figure Weights subtests. On these tests, EE104 was asked to solve new problems independent of previous knowledge. Fluid Reasoning is a strength for EE104. Additionally, the Matrix Reasoning subtest was a strength for EE104, which implies that he has relative strength in inductive reasoning (ability to take multiple facts, and then, make an educated hypothesis) relative to quantitative reasoning (ability to apply mathematical concepts and skills to solve real-world problems). On the Fluid Reasoning Index, EE102 obtained a standard score of 100, which falls within the average range and at the 50th percentile. The Working Memory Index measures the EE104’s ability to register, maintain, and manipulate visual and auditory information in conscious awareness. Working Memory assists an individual in controlling attention and resisting distractions. This index is composed of the Digit Span and Picture Span subtests. EE104 exhibited a strength on the Picture Span (high average) subtest compared to the Digit Span subtest (low average). This discrepancy may indicate that EE104 can best utilize working memory in problem solving when a visual, rather than a verbal, stimulus is presented. During the administration of the Digit Span subtest, EE104 listened

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