The Video Game Console Market

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Many of those within the gaming community consider the Xbox One as the superior all-in-one entertainment system in the current video game console market. IGN in their Xbox One review says, “If you’re the kind of person who loves games, loves to gorge on media in many different forms, and enjoys getting at all of it in one place, this is the console for you.” While the PlayStation 4 has a slight edge in graphics and resolution, the Xbox One more than makes up for this with a better online gaming experience, the ability to multi-task between multiple apps, voice/message chat, gaming, and a streamlined, user-friendly interface that includes a snapping feature to view two different applications at once.

Figure 2 Xbox One game running with Skype open to the side using the Snap feature by Charles Gantt

The official Xbox site, reputable game review/news sites, and overall consumer feedback supports the research for this report. However, a common occurrence within the video game community that affects even the most reputable game review/news sites and consumer feedback is review bias. However, looking at the hard evidence and gathering information from multiple sources can easily mitigate review bias.


Brand recognition
Making its debut on November 15, 2001, Xbox is the youngest video game console brand currently on the market, sixteen years younger than the Nintendo brand and seven years younger than the PlayStation brand. The original Xbox came onto the scene…
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