The Vietnam War And The Cold War

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For a while there was really only one scene, the main scene. In some eyes, society had a way prior to the 60 's to fixate only on what certain people thought were appropriate. Aspects such as the masculinity of America, white prowess, and the professional look, in a sense plagued America and beyond. Also, the United State 's government was war hungry, after WW2 we put ourselves in conflicts: the Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Cold War. These were truly scary times for the people. Fast forward to the 70 's, the Vietnam War, and the Cold War is still taking a toll on our country. Everyone was sick of this and the youth did not want a fight for simply just adding toll numbers to death. This influenced culture immensely and while this was all happening a new breed of ideas were brewing. A new wave of substances became obtainable and people took a hold of these which as we now know changed the face of that generation of people and further rippling out to others. The psychedelia wave arrived and forever society norms changed, how people treated people changed, and Rock & Roll changed at a time that was screaming for change. In the beginning there was LSD, the influence of this drug can be seen in many forms. Mainly LSD had the altering effect that can be seen, but, many other drugs had its place among the groups of people. The LSD influences can be seen in music videos, can be listen to in music, and the idea of hippies was sure shaped my LSD.
Prior to the Psychedelia

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