The Vietnam War : Vietnam

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Beyond Vietnam. The Vietnam War is one of the most traumatic episodes in the history of the United States. Not only because it ended with a defeat for the United States Army, but because unleashed the largest wave of protests in the country, in which the government lost support. Extended over more than a decade, between 1959 to April 30 of 1975, although the US intervened in 1965, in which American soldiers experienced in firsthand scenes of destruction and death. During the Vietnam War clashed nationalist forces and communist court, against anti-communist forces supported by the United States. Vietnam, which was a colony of France since 1862, it is invaded by Japan in 1940. In 1941 Ho Chi Minh, the communist revolutionary leader returns to his hometown after 30 years traveling the world. The leader was established in a cave, where he directed their struggle to expel the foreign occupiers of Vietnam. With great support in the north of the country, the Viet Minh declared the independence of this region, creating a Vietnam independent in the North, as the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on 2 September 1942. However, the French were reluctant to lose its colony. Ho tried to win the support of the United States, but the communist policy during the Cold War, with the doctrine of containment and the fear of the spread of the ideology through the domino theory prevented any alliance with the Viet Minh. And to stop communism the US sent military aid to France from 1950 onwards.

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