The View Of Health Care Systems

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Discussion and Conclusion
My study illuminates the need to reconceptualise the notion of health care systems in Ghana. The dual approach of conceptualizing the Ghanaian health care system ignores realities on the ground. The dual approach as oppose to the triple-systems approach, downplays the essence of self-care as a health care seeking option for many Ghanaians (). Findings of this study reveals a prevalence use of self-care are health management option for most of the informants. Self-care as a treatment option involves the use of both biomedical and indigenous medical resources. Although self-care is mostly employed for acute health conditions, it is also employed in the management of chronic ailment. In the latter case, the person or …show more content…

Dalinjong and Laar (2012), observed their study the NHIS promoted access to biomedical care services for insured residents in their study areas. This observation is further corroborated by Tawiah et al., (2016) who attribute improved access for insured persons to the reduced financial burden of seeking professional biomedical care. Contrarily, such financial cushion for professional care is not available for professional indigenous care which is increasingly becoming market-oriented or commercialised. Invariably patrons of this form of care mainly resort to direct out-of-pocket payments.
Findings of this study shows that the financial burden associated with seeking professional indigenous care is a major deterrent for most informants interviewed. This finding challenges the belief that indigenous medicine in Ghana are easily accessible and affordable (Gyasi et al. 2011; Ae-Ngibise et al. 2010; Nsereko et al. 2011; Renckens and Dorlo 2013) compared to biomedicine. Thus, the notion of affordability of indigenous medicine needs be critically re-examined in the context of the level of usage and the disease or health condition under consideration. The use of the triple health care system model as employed in this study helps different the levels of usage for biomedical and indigenous remedies, hence distinguishing between professional and

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