The Violence Of Black People And People Of Color Essay

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Since its not so humble beginnings in the early 1600s, the country in which we live has had a plethora of incidents regarding the mistreatment of black people and people of color. From slavery, to lynchings, to assassinations, and so forth, the pain and suffering of African-Americans has been very much apart of the “rich” history of the United States of America. Even so, with each new generation, we as a people have continued to face abuse and exploitation. At this point in our ongoing narrative, the premise of our grief has shifted to shed a light on the prominence of brutality in American police force practices. This ever so popular conversation begins with Trayvon Martin in the year of 2012. Martin was a 17 year black boy who was attacked and shot by neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman (29) as he was walking home from a convenience store (Trayvon Martin Shooting 1). This young man was the first police brutality victim since Rodney King to receive an abundant amount of media coverage and public support. His death reinstated a nationwide conversation about the mistreatment of African-Americans when it comes to law enforcement in this country. It caused many people to come up with a plan of action, and not long after he passed, the infamous nationwide movement referred to as “Black Lives Matter” ensued (Herstory 1). Regardless of this one tragic incident, it has come to be understood that the murder of innocent black people by the hands of police has not ceased to
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