The Violence Of Video Games

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Most kids today play video games to entertain themselves and it’s their hobby. Today

kids and even young adults play games like Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), Call of Duty, and

Fallout 4. All three of these games were one of the top games of their respective year of release.

What do they all have in common? They depict violence in a way that its becoming more

realistic every year they’re sequels are released. But what’s up with people blaming video games

for mass shootings and other heinous crimes? Personally, I believe that violent video games

don’t cause violence because there is no sufficient evidence that directly connects the two


According to a study US sales of video games increased while juvenile crime rates has

decreased significantly over the recent years. It’s a fact that the majority of American teens play

video games, but how many have been mass shootings involving young people. There have only

been 71 mass shootings over the course of more than three decades and only seven of those are

aged 18 or younger. The chances of one’s child committing felonies are slim just with those two

statistics. Even the US Supreme court disagree. In Brown v. Entertainment Merchants

Association (2011) the Court ruled 7-2 that California can’t ban selling video games to kids with

the simple and good reason that they do not prove any indicators of aggressive behavior in the

minority age. Given the actuality that a large number of young men play

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