The Virginia Pilot: A Short Story

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On the third Saturday in June around mid-noon, Clemmy Sue Jarvis sits silently on her front porch swing, enjoying a tall glass of ice tea, with a twist of lemon. Gradually, she turns the pages of the Virginia Pilot and finds the cartoon section, however, as she begins to read the foolery of Li’l Abner, an enthusiastic squeal, coming from the pigpen distracts her. As a result, she turns her attention to Zachariah, her favorite pig, and watches as he wallows in the fresh mud that four days of intermittent rainstorms have left, in their wake. While laughing at the antics of Zachariah, she happens to notice a Cardinal land on top of the rickety chicken coop. Immediately after it lands, it spreads its wings and gracefully takes flight, and she follows

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