The Voting Age Of The United States

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British dramatist Shakespeare once said that there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes. Through the ages, controversies about voting age have not quieted down, and there are more and more different opinions about voting age like it should increase to 21, or it should decrease to 17 or 16, even 13. Like a coin has two sides, each opinion has both advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, I prefer the voting age to be 18 in the United States. Teenagers who are 18 years old are independent enough to make their own decisions, and they should have the vote right as other adults do.
First of all, 18 year old people are independent enough to make their own decisions including voting for the nation. For most people in the United States, age 18 is the beginning of living without parents, making decisions independently, and taking care of self. Specifically, independence includes three main categories, mental independence, behavioral independence, and survival-base independence. Mental independence means people can make their decisions whatever others say such as independent thinking and independent decision-making. With mental independence, people can act independently to do what they want to do without being controlled by others. At the age of 18, most of people decide to go to college, and some of them decide to work for the society. They start to live in apartments without their families, and they take totally control on planning their own life such as study or

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