The Wage Of The Minimum Wage

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With the presidential elections right around the corner policy on minimum wage has come up for debate once again. William Hoar from The New American argues in his article “Misguided minimum wage mandate” that raising the minimum wage will only result in loss of jobs. According to the editorial board at USA Today, “ inflation adjusted income of the top 1 percent has grown by 58 percent and the remaining 99 percent has only grown by 6.4 percent”. They then state that a raise to 15 dollars an hour only comes out to an annual income of 30,000 a year. It is true that the majority of the minimum wage workforce is from ages 18 to 25 but considering the fact that that age group are the people attending college and paying off student loans, then it should be expected that they are unhappy with such a low salary. At the minimum wage of 7.25 that comes out to 1200 dollars per month for the cost of living. Therefore raising the minimum wage will not only increase morale, it will also reduce rates of poverty. Former U.S secretary of labor Robert Reich takes the side of the impoverished in his article on the CNBC website by taking a look at how raising the minimum wage has benefited the city of Seattle. Reich states that 44 percent of the jobs created in Seattle were minimum wage. Retail jobs are vital to the economy since they keep the world running. Gas and groceries are just two simple minimum wage jobs that are integral to everyday life. It is baffling that regular customers of

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