The War I Was A War

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1914 through 1918, was the time period for this war. There are a lot of people who don’t really know exactly what started World War I, but there was a lot of events that took place that led into a general war. The war basically started off as being a military conflict that included a lot of other countries, for example, many countries of Europe and some other nations throughout the world. Before World War I was named, it was called Great War, and it was also called World
War. The war kind of started out as having a disagreement between two coalitions of European countries. It also started with a murder that happened in Balkan city of Sarajevo, actually it was an assassination. Austria-Hungary (Heir to the throne) and his wife were murdered and after that incident, within five weeks, the war kicked off. Nobody wanted the U.S. to even get involved, not even the president who at that time was Woodrow Wilson, and he definitely wanted to stay out of the messing that was going on. Everything was good until around the year 1917, the U.S. shipping from the german submarine was attacked and Mexico was encouraged to invade U.S. and attack. The Allied Powers included the countries as follows: United Kingdom, France,
Belgium, Serbia, Montenegro, and the Russian Empire. The Central Powers included: Germany and Austria-Hungary. There was a few nations didn’t join the actual fighting. Around 1918, the war was finally starting to end and Central Powers were defeated. The European powers
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