The War Of 1812 Was Terrible For Americans

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1) Introduction a) The War of 1812 was terrible for Americans because of disunity and there was no angry spirit like the Chesapeake incident, but nationalism emerged 2) On to Canada over Land and Lakes a) The soldiers in the War of 1812 were ill-trained and were not prepared for war. b) The strategy used for attacking Canada was poorly planned because instead of attacking Montreal, the center of population, the plan was spilt into 3 invasions of Detroit, Niagara, and Lake Champlain c) The British and Canadians had captured the American fort at Michilimackinac that had controlled the Great Lakes and the Indian area in the south and west, which was commanded by Isaac Brock i) The control of Great Lakes was important, in which Oliver Hazard Perry built ships on Lake Eerie and captured the British fleet ii) While the British were leaving Detroit and Fort Malden, they were attacked by General Harrison’s army at Battle of Thames d) There were some improvements, such as the American navy having more success than the army and there were better gunners e) Americans protected their own country against the conquering British. Napoleon was exiled to Elba later and America was alone to face the war while more red coats went to Canada f) The British tried to attack NYC, but was stopped by Thomas Macdonough and was almost impossible to stop until he turned the ship with cables, brining a victory home 3) Washington Burned and New Orleans Defended a) British troops landed in
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