The War Of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

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The First World War is a war that is well known by the human population as it had a very significant impact in history and involved many world powers. It began in 1914 and ended four years later in 1918. The two main opposing sides were The Triple Alliance or Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy) and The Triple Entente or the Allied Powers (Great Britain, France, Russia). Later, Italy moved to the Allies (secret treaty), and the United States joined in as Allies as well. While there are common causes for the war between countries, they are different from each other in a slight way or apply to each country differently. The more general causes of the war were the country’s increase in militarism, imperialism, nationalism, and the many defensive alliances made between powers. The “spark” for the war was the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The effects of the war, for the most part, were different for each country as well, especially between the winning side and the losing side. The causes and effects of World War I were not the same in all countries. The first country to declare war was Austria-Hungary. They declared war on Serbia for assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28th, 1914; however, Austria-Hungary already didn’t like Serbia and probably would have declared war on them for any reason they saw as viable. This started somewhat of a chain reaction. Germany then joined in as they already committed to supporting Austria-Hungary in any of
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