The War Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was a political cataclysm between the Monarchy of Great Britain and the thirteen North American colonies. The revolution lasted from 1765 to 1883, however, the armed conflict did not initiate until 19 April 1775, which became what is known as the American Revolutionary War, or the American War of Independence. The revolution was subsequently evoked by the outcomes of the Seven Years’ War (1754-1763) and the Treaty of Paris (1763), followed by a series of taxes and laws enforced by British Parliament on the American colonies to primarily raise revenue and to suppress political subversion of the British Monarch. Consequently, the colonial rebellion escalated after the defiance of British government and the repudiation of the laws and taxes inflicted, eventually leading to explicit warfare after the overthrow of British authority and armed encounters against British forces. The Revolution would become an international dilemma, but it ultimately would lead to the recognition of America’s independence and the downfall of the First British Empire.

The roots of the American Revolution were heavily impacted by the Seven Years’ War that occurred two years prior to the beginning of the revolution in 1765, to which 20,000 American colonist served alongside Great Britain. The colonist particularly fought in the North American theatre of the conflict titled the “French and Indian War”, name made in reference to the French and Native American combatants of the

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