The War Of The Cold War

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Espionage has become one of the greatest attacks to any nation’s ability to conduct complex or simple operations in any environment. For many nation’s they must rely on people who tend to fail and become prone to mistakes. Complex ideas and emotions drive people, and these often interfere with a government’s plans. Even worse, as a government attempts to assess each individual holding sensitive positions or knowledge, individuals frequently change and become swayed by new circumstances. The United States (U.S.) learned many of its policies and practices during and after World War II. During, and many years after, the U.S. found itself in an arms race with Russia. During this era, there were no rounds fired at each other, but they used the …show more content…

The community would work together equally distributing goods and services to each other and humankind would live in harmony. This ideology spread throughout the eastern world influencing World War II and continuing to impact modern politics. This especially becomes important to the Cold War and a feeling of nationalism for U.S. citizens during the Cold War.
In 1917, the USSR began a revolution. Following World War I Russia realized it was far behind the major powers of the world. Russia was stuck in imperialism while the major powers of the world changed through industrialization. Russia had sustained the greatest losses of World War I to include lives, economy, and land. These essential elements led to a revolution of the laboring force as they sought socialism and industrialization. It began with small riots and led to massive closures of factories while people were starving. The Russian government, in one of the easiest coups in history, stepped aside leading to a socialist reform. Before the year ended, the extreme Bolshevik party seized control of the government. During the next four years, the leader of the Bolshevik party, Vladimir Lenin, set a twenty-five year goal for Russia to industrialize and reach communism. By 1922, Joseph Stalin took control of the government and began a

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