The War On Drugs And Its Effects On Society

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The war on drugs is one that continuously alters society and effects millions of people. Whether it be the constant back and forth battle of whether or not to legalize marijuana for recreational or medicinal use to stories of girls like Kristina in Crank that find their way to more potent drugs such as meth; drugs policies are always necessary. Stories like this are important to help people understand how drugs fit into our society and just how prevalent they are. In the story of Crank, Kristina is a well-behaved, average girl who falls into the cracks because of a boy. Her story probably is like many others who get sucked into the world of drugs. In the instance of cases like hers and many others, I think it is very important to take into account these stories when looking how drugs fit into our society. It is important because these people make up our society. There wouldn’t be any statistics, facts, or really any knowledge of how these drugs affect people and the community without these stories. The people who are doing the drugs and talking about them give everyone a better insight in to who does them, how they get involved with them, where each drug is being used most prominently and how they can change someone’s world after just one time. In the text, Kristina lived a good life and rarely got in trouble. Once she met a boy who offered her meth and told her how good it would make her feel, she agreed to try it just once. Before she did it she says “I was ready to

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