The Warrior Queen Essay

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Alyssa Ray Raymond Ap Euro 21, March 2016 The Warrior Queen `When most women were powerless during the late 14th century twenty-three-year-old Isabella I defined a hostile older brother and an inexplicable king to seize control of Castile and Leon. She ended an entire generation’s worth of fighting between Muslims and Christians. She forced North African invaders back over the Mediterranean Sea. She sponsored Christopher Columbus’s trip to the Indies and negotiated Spanish control over the new world. Her reputation stood tall as she annihilated all those who stood against her. She established a rather bloody Inquisition that would darken Spanish reputation for centuries. Whether historians see Isabella as cruel and satanic, or saintly and …show more content…

Since Isabella did not have Henry’s approval for the marriage, she sought help from the cardinal of Valentia. Rodrigo Borgia helped Isabella and Ferdinand obtain the “important” papal permission to marry. Isabella still had to resort to a false appearance in order to allow their marriage ceremony take place. When Henry IV discovered his sister’s disclosed marriage with Ferdinand he named his alleged daughter, Juana, his heir to the throne. Ferdinand had by this time become King of Aragon, and the two ruled with equal authority in both realms were they unified Spain. Among their first acts were various reforms to reduce the power of the nobility and increase the power of the …show more content…

The Spanish Inquisition was targeted at Jews and Muslims, who on their social standpoint had converted to Catholicism and Christianity. However they were suspected to be secretly practicing their own singular religions of Judaism and Islam out and away from the public eye. The Inquisition was a court that tried nonbelievers of Christianity and practices of other religions. Often they would torture and mutilate them in the process. This would frighten the others into accepting Christianity instead of their indigenous beliefs. Muslims and Jews were known as the “morranos” and the “moriscos” in Spain. To better unify Spain, and to get rid of these other religions, Ferdinand and Isabella used the Spanish Inquisition to expel the Moors (Muslims) who resided in parts of Spain. The Moors ruled over the kingdom of Granada. There was a two year war in 1492. It was the same year that Columbus asked the king and queen for permission and funding of ships he planned to use to discover of the New World. Isabella and Ferdinand won and proceeded to claiming Granada as their

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