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Thomas Paine was a man with his own ideas. He was a strong supporter of the French Revolution. Paine Believes human rights are given by nature. Rights cannot be given by a government because that implies that human rights are legally allowed to be taken away from someone, thus making rights a privilege. He believes that the purpose of a government is to protect the individual and his/her inalienable rights that they carry. He claims that an illegitimate way of government is a monarchy and an aristocracy. Paine highly disliked the systems of a monarchy he called it a “silly, contemptible thing”. He states the first kings were a sort of bandits. He says they seized control of new start up societies as he says the kings took control of these …show more content…

The people are not allowed to meddle with creating and fixing laws. The life of a monarchy government is an expensive life. Thus requires the king to tax his people. When the monarch is oppressive this is when the people have no voice. Any demonstration or outcry by the people will get shut down quickly. They can stay in power for decades only death can stop a monarch. If the monarch is a tyrant like leader the people must endure these hardships for as long as that monarch is alive. Monarchs successors can sometimes be not the brightest individuals. They might not possess the actual knowledge to functionally run a country. Not one person can run a country. The old style of monarchies and governments did not produce order. Most of what they produced were wars and taxes on the people. Depending on the monarch they may be lenient or they might be controlling in the rights and laws for the people. This infringes on the natural rights and laws people are granted with. A monarch could take away the laws and rights that we are born with a simple word uttered by him. Rights and laws given by nature to all humans could be taken away in a split second by this monarch. Paine later compares the two style of governments, a monarchy and a republic where he writes that a monarchy Is extremely less valuable than a republic. Paine later describes that new republican style of governments like those in America and France are much more beneficial to a

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