The Waste Of Hazardous Waste

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Hazardous waste considered as an undesirable substance which characterized by ignitable, infectious, corrosion, explosion and toxicity(Environmental Protection and Heritage Council, 2010). It could be a solid, liquid, gasses, or sludges. It becomes dangerous to humans and the environmental health whether not treatment, storing, transportation or disposal properly(Western Australia Department of Environment and Conservation, 1996).
Scope of the report will be discussed,
1. Hazardous waste types.
2. The facility types.
3. What is the hazardous waste which receives by the disposal sites?
1. To reduce the product of hazardous waste and induce the factories to reuse or recycle the waste.
2. How to handle with hazardous waste and treatment.
The sources of the report come from several sources as government and published articles,

Hazardous waste is production by several factories, but a petroleum and chemical factories are most famous factories which hazardous waste production. According to United States Environment Protection Agency (USEPA), there are broad categories of hazardous waste. They are: Listed hazardous waste and Characteristic hazardous waste(USEPA, 2005).
Listed waste, can be further classified into(USEPA, 2005):
1. F-list: Waste comes from nonspecific sources, as spent dissolvent, and electroplate wastes, dioxins, the petroleum and hydrocarbons.
2. K-list: Waste from specific sources, such as pesticide, explosive makings,
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