The Wasteland Of Infinite Failing Opportunities

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He is lost for words on a barren subject. The wasteland of infinite failing opportunities, writhing inside of his blank mind. Likewise, his ability to express has been handicapped by the alloy ring that stands above all. On the other hand, he makes do with what he has, slowly pressuring through this bleak canvas of a task. Quickly realizing his unsurpassable complication, he frantically chips away at this huge white stone, knowing that the attempt is frivolous. Trying as he might, with each blow at this task, the whiteness seems to expand, almost fighting his attempts to blot it out. With a final swing he manages to break through this barrier, although he knew it was only the beginning of the road. He steps through his handmade arch of…show more content…
Each new level being harder and harder to build, for the ideas are harder and harder to come by. Nevertheless, he takes the predestined path of impossibility. The overseer laughs at his futile attempt to carry on, even with his bandaged burden. It is in this moment he remembers the whole reason he is conflicted with this madness in the first place. Something the overseer once wrote on the all showing white wall of blankness. Yes, a quote that was once spoken by a man of great bearing. “There is nothing impossible to him who will try.” -Alexander the Great. This strengthens him, and he climbs the first tier of the pillar, without much struggle. When he reaches the top there is a bowl of cleansing water that he washes his face in. Renewing his nearly depleted river of thought, he ventures on and falls down into the waters of unlimited imagination. Many have entered this place and never returned, therefore he is wary not to venture into the deeper waters. He slowly and methodically trudges through this thick reflection pool. Looking down, he notices his himself on the glassy surface, and for a few minutes he just got lost in his own reflection. Nearly losing himself he shakes his head, making sure that he would not look down and get distracted again. These waters are soothing on his feet, but not very viscous, therefore he is becoming exhausted, and entertains the thought of lying down, never to get up
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