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This essay will evaluate the Water Brothers documentary “Plastic Ocean” and how well their findings and the information in the clip, contribute to scientific research. While the Water Brothers did manage to cover a few key issues, being constricted to a twenty-two-minute time frame left the Water Brothers with very little room to address other important information. I believe that if more time had been given to the Water Brothers, they would have done a better job of informing the public of what’s really at stake. If for instances another twenty-two minutes was given, I believe that the Water Brothers would have had a better opportunity to go into detail on key issues. For this paper, I will introduce what the documentary did manage to showcase …show more content…

At the beginning of this documentary, they talk about how the plastic ocean lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is here that scientists will find a floating island made up of trash, more specifically plastic. Then they specifically go into detail about how the plastic ocean has and continues to have a negative impact on wildlife and the ocean. Essentially this whole documentary brings to light how coral reefs have become a dumping ground for all the plastic that washes into the sea. It is because of our reckless actions that coral reefs are becoming damaged. The Water Brothers then introduce bring up the fact that the plastic also has an effect on seabirds. Due to the dramatic decrease in the fish population in those waters, thousands of seabirds die each year from starvation, as a result of mistaking the plastic for food. By eating the plastic, seabirds are giving this false feeling of satisfaction and fullness. However, the plastic is of no nutritious value and it causes the seabird to dehydrate; which substantially causes them to lose their muscle mass, and become weak. In some cases, this can also lead to disease and death. The Water Brothers then make it a point to explain how the plastic is actually becoming a big part of the marine food chain and as a result marine animals are …show more content…

While the Water Brothers did manage to highlight some pressing issues, due to a limited time frame, they were unable to go in depth on some of the information and they also missed some very key points. At the end of the day, more time would have been beneficial to our learning but people tend to provide the information they are more passionate

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