The Watsons Go to Birmingham

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In order to understand the characters, or character from the movie, The Watsons Go to Birmingham, you have to first understand what the movie is about. This movie is about an African American family during the summer of 1963. This family consists of the father (Daniel), mother (Wilona), their two sons Kenny and Byron and their daughter Joetta. The Watson family lives in Flint, Michigan, but decided to take a summer trip down to Birmingham to visit Wilonas’ mother. The planned trip was to get Byron, their juvenile delinquent son, to realize that he needs to get his act together. But as the weeks pass by in Birmingham, they realize how much they love Michigan and would rather be back at home. The character I would like to dissect, is their fifteen year old son Byron. To me, Byron was the only character that went through a major change over the summer of 1963. Byron showed characteristics and actions of how the Europeans used to treat African Americans, but as the movie progresses Byron starts to change and embrace his family and race more. In the beginning Byron was rebellious, unconsciously wanted to be white, and had a nonchalant attitude but then he changes and becomes comforting to his little brother Kenny.
In the beginning of the movie, the family is sitting in the livingroom, bundled together because of the cold weather in Michigan. Byron has an attitude and he is sitting in the love seat by himself, kind of far off from the family. The father and mother tells Byron

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