The Weaknesses Of The Constitution

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here were many ways that the Constitution helped to change the weaknesses of the United States. It helps by making the laws easier to pass and more fair, along with different documents. The Articles of Confederation were obviously a flawed document if they needed to be changed into the Constitution, thus the Constitution is helping. The first way that the Constitution helped with the weaknesses of the United States were the different ways it made passing laws more fair. When amending a document the Articles of Confederation needed 13 out of 13 people to approve of the document. The Constitution provided a more reasonable way by having ⅔ of both houses and ¾ of the state legislature. This is a better method because not 100% of people are going to agree on everything. The same type of thing worked when passing laws. 9/13 people needed to approve in the Articles of Confederation while it’s now 50% +1 of both houses plus the signature of the President. This allows for things to be more fair and it makes sure everyone in power somewhat agrees on what is going on and not just a couple of people are deciding on what the citizens new laws will be. The Constitution is a document that may make people feel equal and not like they’re below some one else. One example of this is when Frederick Douglass stated that if you, “abolish slavery tomorrow, and not a single sentence or syllable of the Constitution need to be altered.” This is saying that the Constitution is a good document

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