The Main Problems With The Constitution

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Felix Amza Professor Omowale POS1041 Due 06/23/2015 Project – Question Nr. III One of the main problems with the constitution is what some may argue that the role of the president was not very thought of and linked to the constitution, therefore jeopardizing the nation to a dysfunctional and dangerous presidency. Throughout the history of American government, there have been a couple presidencies which have managed to gain high power and disregard the wellbeing of the nation, behave inappropriately and even unconstitutional. A good example of what some argue to have been a bad presidency, would be the case of George W. Bush, which on different occasions, he thought it would be suitable to disapprove of democracy and legal norms, by acting in ways such as; ordering government representatives to bypass statues and treaties, not allowing congressional oversight and jump into unwanted actions such as starting the war with Iraq which was not favored in the Congress. Normally the constitutions contains systems in place that should be able to counterattack such actions and behaviors, like the famous division of power and “checks and balances”. As the government of America is divided into three powers; the executory, judiciary and legislative, the system of “checks and balances” gives the three divisions of government the power of checking upon each other and ability of taking action when there is an unconstitutional act from one’s side. The system of “checks and balances” may
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