The Wechsler Test History

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The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test History was first founded by psychologist David Wechsler and published in 1955 This intelligence test was made to be able to measure intelligence in adults and older adolescents. Wechsler believed that intelligence was not found in one single intelligence factor but of numerous diverse mental capabilities. He did not view or agree with the Binet intelligence because he viewed that a person intelligence was founded in multiple factors. There are four altered types of this test that consists of WAIS, WAIS-R, WAIS-III, and WAIS-IV. The WAIS-III was designed in 1997 and to be able to administer this test they must have qualification level C. There are two norms from this test that consist of IQ and Index scores. “The WAIS-III (United States Version) complete kit, which includes the WAIS-III Administration and Scoring Manual, Technical Manual, the Stimulus Booklet, 25 records forms, 25 response booklets, all relevant stimulus materials, and scoring templates is available from Harcourt Assessment for $978 (Harcourt Assessment, 2008b).” The WAIS-III had 12 goals that consisted of: Continuity and familiarity, Updating of Norms, Extension of Age Range, Age-Corrected Norms, Improved Item Content, Improved Stimulus Materials, Improve Diagnostic And Descriptive Utility, De-emphasis on Performance Speed, Enhancement of Fluid Reasoning Assessment, Linkage with WMS-III and WAIT, Extensive Validity Studies, and Enhancement of Scoring Rules. Purpose

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