The Wellness Plan For Nurses

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Wellness Plan Nurse anesthesia school is 27 months of stress, deadlines, studying, more stress, exams, and papers. While tackling the challenges of this marathon called anesthesia school you forget to care for yourself or maintain the rest of life’s necessities. Students are focused with absolute resolve, doing whatever it takes to complete their schooling and pass boards. In the meantime their health, home, family, social life, and anything not related to school tends to take a back seat. Wellness, a topic promoted by numerous institutions including the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA), is not just about being healthy. Yes it is about preventing illness, but it is also about maintaining a healthy body, challenging yourself mentality, meeting social needs. In short it is everything people need to remain functional, to remain healthy, and to achieve happiness. Using the AANA wellness series as a guideline this paper is going to go over some of the risk to my wellness, how they can affect me personally during nurse anesthesia school and beyond. The next step is to present a self-evaluation of my own wellness. Finally, I’m going to discuss some self-care strategies to maintain my own wellness. Anesthesia School is one of the most stressful experiences of my life. It comes with short burst, high stress during a clinicals and long term, slow burn stress during the whole of the program. You are trying to meet every ones expectation, but mostly it your own.
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