The West The Land Of The Unknown But Promising Future

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The West the land of the unknown but promising future. That’s what many Americans living in the east see it has and also black Americans. Once the Transcontinental road was complete that spread to the west and federal government lend out the land the race to the west began. There would be 3 things that would define western economic change.
The California Gold rush of 1849 start the first big boom for the west. It extract so many people of different backgrounds to come and tried to find gold. Soon after there were other places in the west were gold and silver was found. This led to the start of the mining business which boom from the 1860s to 1890s. Gold and Silver were found areas such as Denver, Nevada, And the Dakota area. When people heard about these finding thousands upon thousands flock to the towns turning regular mining camps into cities. Many of these miners were irresponsible with their money and didn’t think long term. They would just spend their money on beers and prostitutes. The smart miners would save their money to buy better equipment and place to live to keep thriving in the industry. They would eventually start buying up mines and become rich from the business to were they longer had to mine. Once mine was flat out and no more resource was available the town died off. People who didn’t save their money were left broke and working under terrible conditions. Working the mining industry was very danger and remains one of the most dangerous jobs in the United

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