South Africa's Aids Crisis and Solution

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South Africa’s AIDS Crisis and Solution When visiting South Africa, I was intrigued at the beauty of the country, but was also curious as to how the country was dealing with one of Africa’s largest problems, AIDS/HIV. With the AIDS epidemic having started over 25 years ago, the disease continues to affect the population of Africa, especially South Africa, the nation with 5.6 million people living with HIV, the most in the world. Much of South Africa’s history of struggle with the virus is attributed to misinformation given by Thabo Mbeki, a former president, who “questioned the link between HIV and AIDS” and his former health minister who misled the nation with ideas that the virus could be treated with “beets and
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Dr. Kay Mohamed, a doctor at Themba Lethu clinic, exemplified the reality of treatment in today’s world when he stated, “Now, you can’t not get better. It’s just one of these win-win situations. You test, you treat, and you get better, end of story” (Lubock 9).
It is clear that South Africa’s changes in treatment and attitude of HIV/AIDS has moved the nation forward as a whole. Although there has been much progress made, “About 3.5 million South Africans still are not getting therapy, and many wait to long to come in to clinics or don’t stay on the drugs” (Lubock 17). Improvements on clinics will continue to be made throughout the country and the new “three-in-one” treatment tablet should prove effective within the next year for more modern and cost effective treatment and prevention for pregnant mothers. World AIDS Day has proved to be a powerful day for the future of South Africa as a nation.

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