The White Rose Resistance

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The White Rose and Their Fight Against Hitler
We have all hear about Hitler and how he tried to take over Europe. We also know that he was killing the Jews. Everyone has heard how horrible they were treated in the camps that Hitler had set up for them. We know that they staved to death in the camps, and how they were sometimes beaten to death. No mercy was show to the Jews in the camps. We have all hear some story or read a book about how badly they were treated. But have we all heard the story about the resistance that stood up to Hitler in his ruling. Not everyone has heard the story of The White Rose and the people who severed in the resistance and what they did to stop what was happening to the Jews. The White Rose’s story is one that …show more content…

Where there are secret massages and were you may thing you know some one but do you really know them. The White Rose had many members and they all made many hard decisions that were mainly where they had to chose between death or saving the rest of the people in the resistance by choosing to die rather than to give up names. Many people believe that Sophia and Hans Scholl were the leaders of the resistance. And just like everyone else they had to make hard choices and in the end they ended up not making to through to see what would become of the resistance they and there friends had stared to begin with. In the beginning it just stared of as a group of friends that met at The University of Munich. There Sophia studied biology and philosophy. Sophia’s brother Han’s was there studying medicine. Sophia was a few years younger than here brother but Hans introduced Sophia to his friend group. The original group in the white rose was Sophia, Hans Scholl, Alex Schmorell, Willi Graf, and Christoph Probst, all in their early twenties. This was the group of friends that Hans introduced Sophia to. This group was later know as the White Rose but they were brought together by their love for the, arts, music, literature, philosophy and theology. They also did a lot of out door activities like hiking swimming and skiing. They attended a lot of different events

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