The Wife Of Bath 's Tale

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In the Wife of Bath 's tale, the main idea we can get is that women want dominance over men (Chaucer 143). Back in Medieval England, I think it would have been a far fetched idea for women to have dominance over men. For most of history, we see women being a submissive partner to a strong and noble man. Dominance over the noble husband would be a fantasy that a wife could only dream of because she knew it would never happen. If you were to fast forward to the 1900’s, a typical household still consists of a mom, dad, and a number of children. You keep the general idea of the dad going off to work while the kids catch a bus or walk to school. During this time period however, you still don’t see a lot women going out of the house in uniforms because their job is to stay at home and take care of the house. However at this point in time, some women are going out to get an education. By getting an education, it will help give women a better shot at getting successful jobs. Although there is still discrimination against women, they now have the capability to go out and get a job because they have the knowledge to do so. If you fast forward to present day, most people don’t consider staying home to clean the house a job unless you’re a maid. The role of women in present day is almost the same as the role of men. Women go to college to get a good paying job like men. According to a study done by the IWPR, women receive more college and graduate degrees than men. However, we

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