The Wild, Engineering & Technology ( 17509637 ) 9.7 ( 2014 )

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Andrews, Crispin. "Uavs In The Wild." Engineering & Technology (17509637) 9.7 (2014): 33- 35. Academic Search Complete. Web. 30 July 2014. *June 3, 2014 South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) banned privately owned drones with cameras in South African airspace. They said the drones had to meet certain “requirements” which not one did *The next day, the Kenyan government banned privately owned drones with cameras. Drones here were being used to protect black rhinos and the critically endangered northern white rhino *A few weeks earlier, drones had been banned in US National Parks. Drones here were being used to take pictures of wildlife * “‘Drones are very difficult to control,’ says Professor David Dunn, a security expert from the University of Birmingham. ‘You can regulate, ban them from coming within 250m of a property, but how, exactly, do you police that?’” *Drones are able to provide real-time data that conservationist are be able to use for wildlife conservation and to understand animals better (i.e. track migration patterns/eating habits) * “‘There has been a lot of negative publicity in Africa about the Americans using drones in the Middle East and Afghanistan,’ Young says. ‘African governments get decidedly twitchy at the thought of drones flying over their countries. If they see something they don’t like or don’t understand, they’ll just disallow it.’” --- What are they worried about people seeing? What is being hidden? *Governments would rather put their

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