The Wire By David Simon

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In David Simon’s The Wire, a stunningly accurate portrait of oppressive institutions in Baltimore are explored from multiple perspectives, including the police force, government, and the street drug trade. The visuals created by Simon are meant to be a realistic portrayal of Baltimore, one that depicts the members of the drug trade as complicated people, not just evil caricatures, and where the wrongdoing of the police and government are shown. Moreover, the show has become one of the few applauded shows to accurately represent urban inequality and the people subjected to urban inequality. In The Wire, Simon accurately depicts the cycle of the street children, parts of the school system, and the corrupt parts of the criminal justice …show more content…

Children see the drug lords as the epitome of masculinity, and aspire to be just like them. Children living on the streets in Baltimore are living trying to be children, while also being almost as low as they can get in society. With little power caused by institutional oppression, people look to find power anywhere they can, which means often leads to violence in order to find power over other people. Children are exposed to these ideas about masculinity by the adults around them, such as when children are seen emulating Omar shooting people. Their role models come from their environment, and their environment incites violence as the way to have power. These children are already chasing manhood, which “in the inner-city means taking the prerogatives of men with respect to strangers, other men, and women - being distinguished,” (Anderson, 1994, 12). These ideas come to light at an early age, as seen in season 4, where to middle school boys allegedly rape a girl in the school bathroom. They are already trying to find their power and manhood through violence and hurting others.
Simon’s portrayal of manhood is accurate, but what is not accurate is the other half of society that is forgotten in the shows depiction: the women. Although there are a few female characters on the street that are shown to have power, such as the women Omar teams up with

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