The Witch Trails of Salem in The Crucible be Arthur Miller Essay

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When one confronts the unknown, calamity may outbreak in order to achieve knowledge of what it is. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller shows that the unknown may cause calamity through the corruption of the Witch Trials of Salem. Throughout the novel, Miller shows that the unknown will destroy a civilization if the higher-class allow it through the accusation of Rebecca Nurse, the actions of Abigail Williams to rid of Elizabeth Proctor, and the structure of the village The unknown blinds one’s common sense, thus leading to chaos. Rebecca Nurse, wife of Francis Nurse, is highly respected in Salem, Massachusetts, but is accused for witchcraft, which is preposterous to almost everybody in the village. This is shown when Reverend Hale tells…show more content…
The phrase, “how adults could bring themselves to lay hands on her” shows that adults would have to force themselves to hurt her. “Could bring themselves” means that the action would be very undesirable to do, thus showing the respect of Mrs. Nurse. Someone of such high respect could never be imagined doing something so vile, so for someone to accuse her of witchcraft shows truly that common sense was not one of the factors of her accusation. When dealing with the unknown, one cannot act on their own knowledge if the best thing to do (ethically) is wanted. This is proven through Abigail Williams accusing Elizabeth Proctor. John Proctor and Abigail had an affair and it seems that Abigail has fallen in love with John; however, he greatly regrets it because he loves his wife. Abigail becomes extremely jealous, and tries to kill Elizabeth through the witch trials by accusing her: “Hale: ‘Your wife’s name is-mentioned in the court’…Elizabeth: ‘Who accused me?’…Mary Warren: ‘I cannot tell.’… Elizabeth: ‘(Abigail) wants me dead’” (Miller 60). The quote shows that Abigail is becoming more hostile and wants John as her husband desperately. Of course, Elizabeth Proctor hasn’t done any witchcraft, but the court acts on its own knowledge and goes through with the accusation, even though they have no proof; many people die from their over-confidence in their intelligence. Another time where the court uses their “intelligence”
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