The Witches Fault In Macbeth

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When children are taught by their parents, sometimes they grow up to be a disgraceful member of society, but many would argue if it is the child’s fault or the parents fault for not raising their child correctly. In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, the three witches play an important role to which leads Macbeth to his ultimate doom. The witches speak to Macbeth in Act 1, they deliver a prophecy of how Macbeth will be king, but Banquo’s bloodline will be king also thereafter. This is like a parent teaching their child, they tell them a fact and the child will sometimes grow around what they are taught such as how to spell a certain word. When the witches deliver prophecies, it sends the receiver of them to go practically insane with such knowledge;hence,why Macbeth kills Duncan and many others. Had the witches not spread this prophecy, Macbeth would have most likely never have killed Duncan or go for the throne. He would still be a honest and loyal man,but unfortunately, the witches ruined him. The witches are ultimately responsible because they influenced him to kill Duncan,Banquo, and worse of all, Macduff’s family because of their prophecies that they delivered.
The witches prophecy leads Macbeth to kill Duncan, seeing as they prophesied that he was to be the new king. Although Macbeth was the one to kill Duncan, he would have never committed such a crime if the witches had not put the ruthless and evil prophecies into his mind. When he kills Duncan, he is regretful, he can

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