The Woman Of The White Dress

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The Woman in the White Dress The art piece I decided to write about is Woman in White Dress by Daniel Ludwig. 1988. Oil on canvas. 50 3/16 x 40 1/8. This painting is displayed in the University of Kentucky art museum and out of all the other pieces, this one drew my attention. This simplistic painting gave me serene vibes. As I gazed upon the painting, it immediately reminded me of a beach front home. It gave me a feeling of relaxation and reminded me of our family trips to the Bahamas. The hotel where we would stay was right beside the seashore. There were several occasions where I would simply sit on the balcony and absorb the cool crisp air and breathe in the scent of seawater. That 's how I perceive this piece to be. The woman in a striped summer dress, resting on the couch in front of the open landscape just relaxing in the getaway environment. In this painting, the subject matter is the woman in the red and white striped dress casually sitting on the couch. She has her head turned slightly over her shoulder as if she 's attempting to turn in the viewer’s direction, although, her eyes are shut. This gives the depiction that she is in a relaxed state of mind and she 's taking in her surroundings. Her surroundings consists of an open area of land near the seashore. On the indoors, there 's a table that has, what appears to be, a large book along with a small bowl of fruit, Both of these elements of the painting are most likely not a substantial part of the painting. Her
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