I Attended The Orlando Museum Of Art

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In art, there are qualities that speak louder than words. It expresses many different messages and emotions and each person has an experience different from the next. In this paper, I will be discussing two artworks I encountered. The piece is a good example of how people can encounter different experiences in one piece. I attended the Orlando Museum of Art a while back with family and overall enjoyed my experience. On my visit, I found the museum quite impressive and felt a deep connection with specific pieces. Two exhibits, in particular, interest me, Isabel Manalo’s Stitching the Seam and Lewis Hine’s Kindred Spirits. They were both beautiful exhibits, simple, yet complicated, and had deeper meaning behind the artwork. Isabel Manalo’s exhibit, Stitching the Seam, as a whole stuck with me. I could not pick just one piece because it was all extremely interesting and touching. Made of acrylic, hand-sewn stitching with thread, photographs of vellum, yupo, abaca and mylar, and graphite, the exhibit was released in 2013. The piece is abstract, yet representational as everything used in the work has a purpose and meaning that are dear to Manalo’s heart. The hand-sewn collages reflect Manalo’s life, from a child up until now. The stitching in her work represents her mother and the dresses she would make for Manalo as a child. A pre-colonial Philippine alphabet, called Baybayin, was used to write words and emotions she has had towards her journey in being a daughter, mother, wife,

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