The Women Of Sparta Women

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Just as the men of Sparta had a predetermined job to fulfill for the city-state, the women also had obligations and demands that they had to succeed in. The woman of Sparta were highly educated and athletic. They were given the opportunity to go to school and receive an education in what historians believe subjects such history, music, drama, ready, writing, among other subjects. This gave the women of Sparta an advantage over other women in Greece, because at that the time they are believed to be the only ones attending schools. It was simple logic amongst the Spartans, that a strong Spartan couple would give birth to strong offspring’s. Spartan women were competitive and active. They would participate in competitions such as wrestling, dancing, and singing. Unlike your typical housewife, they did not have to worry about chores because of the helots. The women of Sparta were also trained in combat. They were shown how to defend themselves in case they needed to protect the city-state. Women were looked at to have strong male infants in order to raise them for the military and replace those who were lost in battle. Men were pressured into marriage and having children. They were praised for bringing the city state strong children and ridiculed if they delayed it. If a male was unable or failed to bring in strong children who passed the physical, they had to find a fellow Spartan for help. Married couples usually did not live together, because men had to live in the
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