Essay On Spartan Women

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If you built a time machine and I had to choose between being sent to Sparta and the Salian Franks, it would be a tough call, but in the end I would have to choose to live in Sparta. There are many reasons behind that choice, but most of them tie back to me being a female and how each society treated their women, both Spartan and Salian cultures treated women better then Roman society that being said Spartan culture, according to Xenophon women were treated very similarly to the men in many ways.
In the beginning of Xenophon’s Constitution of the Lacedaemonians Xenophon explain how bearing children was a keep aspect of women’s lives, but that this did not limit them in life but rather expanded their horizons (Xenophon p. 1). Part of these other activities that women could be a part of and were pressured, sometimes into were sports and physical activities, because this was meant to build up their stamina for child bearing. The physical activities were not only a way to insure that women were healthy and strong for childbirth, but the Spartan’s also believed that if both parents were strong or in fighting shape that this would produce strong and
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Spartan men weren’t allowed to have more than one wife so they would, “choose a woman who was the mother of a fine family and of high birth, and if he obtained her husband's consent, to make her the mother of his children.” (Xenophon p. 1). Another practice that was both a positive and negative was women being able to hold property of their own. There was a catch being that this could only happen during times of war (Text book). This was a doubled edged sword because as cool as it is that women were able to hold land at all, I would think that it would cause more strife between husband and wife if he were to take that right back once he returned, why even give it in the first
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