The Women 's Suffrage Movement Essay

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At a first glance, one might look at the current status of women’s rights and conclude that much has changed since the beginning of the twentieth century. This is not entirely untrue - women have indeed been granted universal suffrage in the United States. However, there are still significant challenges which women face in the present day. This paper seeks to understand the early women’s suffrage movement in all aspects, which will include individuals, events, and activism. Although it did not happen immediately, this movement resulted in success in the form of universal suffrage. Through various activist tactics ranging from public protests to the more behind-the-scenes activism such as written articles. By studying and understanding activist movements of the past, we are better able to be successful in our present-day activism. This essay will also analyse the problems with voting that women face today, and attempt to discover ways in which the current situation can be improved. Even though women have had suffrage for the past 96 years, they still face troubles when it comes to election day. Voter ID laws are emerging in many states, which can create struggles for women at the polls. This has disenfranchised many female voters, and has an even larger impact of women who come from minority groups. By raising awareness for these problems, we can help make change happen to improve the situation, just like the suffragettes did in the early women’s rights movement. Women’s

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