The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz : Book Vs. Movie

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Book vs. Movie There always seems to be some discrepancy when a film is adapted into a movie. Often times, crucial scenes, or even characters, can be left out in order to satisfy the directors’ and screen writers’ visions. Unfortunately, such changes can clearly be seen in the film adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. The movie leaves out characters such as the Witch of the North and the queen of the field mice, but adds characters such as Professor Marvel and Miss Gulch. However, while many changes were made, there are still a few instances where this “fairy tale” novel almost directly translates into the film. One scene in particular that is closely mirrored to the novel is when Dorothy first meets the scarecrow. This scene is nearly an exact word for word adaptation including dialogue, vivid visual images for the viewer, and how point of view directs the attention of the audience. When closely examining this scene, it translates clearly into a perfect example of what Debora Cartmell and Imelda Whelehan call “classic adaptaion” (6).1 This theory surrounds the premise that the adaptation stays as true to the novel as possible so that the audience would, “… have an ‘authentic’ version regardless of whether they’d ever actually read it…” (4). Initially, this takes place when Dorothy and Toto begin to interact and talk with the scarecrow. ‘Did you speak?’ asked the girl in wonder. ‘Certainly,’ answered the scarecrow, ‘how

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