The Work Atmosphere At Target

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The work atmosphere at Target is wonderful. My old co-workers are the nicest people ever, even the costumers would comment on that. Yet I hated working there. The reason I hated working at Target is because as a cashier I had to sell the Red Card to everyone. When I got the job, I did not expect that I would have to sell this piece of plastic. Target expected me to be a salesperson. I could never sell the Red Card, even though I told every costumer my sales pitch. In the two months I worked at Target, I was only able to sell two, and one of those was to my mother. My supervisors kept pushing me to sell more. Everyone I approached either had one or hated it. Being unable to sell them stressed me out. That stress started to come home with me. I started to dread going to work everyday. That piece of plastic made me hate my job and want to quit. I started to look for another job, one that would fit my needs better. I also wanted a job that wouldn 't stress me out. Then one day I saw a post on Facebook that said “ I am needing to hire a new teacher aid at my school in Brooklyn Center. Let me know as soon as possible if you are, or know someone who might be interested.” The job seemed wonderful. I would be working with kids, which is my favorite thing ever. I’ve been babysitting my cousins since I was eleven and helping out in the Church nursery. I looked forward to seeing those kids every week. I thought this job would be so much better job then
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