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The Working Poor travels into the forgotten America. It is a book about people and places that most us have never thought about. We have our debates about these people, their lifestyles, how they raise their children and where they work but we don't really know them and for the most part don't care. How many of us notice "the man who washes cars but does not own one, the clerk who files cancelled checks at the bank but has $2.02 in her own account or the woman who copyedits medical textbooks but hasn't been to a dentist in a decade?"(Shipler,3) With this book, Shipler takes you into their lives, it allows you to understand some of their choices and their lack of options. The Working Poor makes you understand what it is like to work hard,…show more content…
So they suffer in silence hoping to one day achieve the American Dream. In the chapter Body and Mind, Shipler talks about food. "Food is one of the few flexible parts of a tight budget."(Shipler, 201) Other bills can not be changed, rent, utilities, phone bill can not be negotiated, and the amount is due on the due date, period. Food on the other hand can be nipped to fit what money is left over after the concrete bills are paid. "The result is an array of malnourished children in America."(Shipler, 201) When the children are hungry they can not concentrate at school, develop properly or fight off illness. This pushes these children farther and father away from hope of climbing out of poverty. If they can not concentrate and do well in school, they will perhaps not graduate, not get into college, and not get a good job. If they can not develop and fight off illness, they could be doomed to either a sickly life or a very short one. The parents are unable to get proper medical attention and even if they are able if the nutritional situation doesn't change, the medical treatment is almost pointless because the child can't survive with the constant lack of basic needs. Many children suffer from a condition know as "failure to

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